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The wind in your hair, the warmth of the sun on your skin, and the sea and mountains in sight – haven’t experienced this in ages? Neither have we. But whatever. We simply created our own paradise instead. Welcome to our small motion design island at the Film Academy! Our program coordinator Jürgen will accompany you and make sure that everything stays in harmony.

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to paradise


Here you’ll find all the possibilities a designer’s heart desires. Every year, a wide variety of projects are created in the areas of title sequences, music videos, commercials, live visuals, installations, branding, games, VR applications and experimental short films – the fields and topics of motion design are incredibly diverse. Paradisiacal opportunities for our students to experiment and gain priceless experience for audiovisual, spatial and interactive design!


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Star Shape

all-inclusive PROGRAM

The study program focuses on practice and is enriched by workshops and talks from external speakers. The projects are always cooperative, which means that everyone can work freely with students from other programs. Whether it’s fiction and documentary directing, film music, sound design, tv journalism, cinematography, editing, production, advertising film, animation, or interactive media: thanks to the various competencies directly on-site in Ludwigsburg, a lasting network is created beyond the program.

Workshops 2020/21

"Contemporary Typography" by Dr. Martin Lorenz • "Grundlagen der Animation" by Eric Bernaud • "Motiondesign meets Werbefilm" by Alexander Hanowski & Zoran Bihac • "Pathway to Motion Design" by Alexander Hanowski • "Setdesign" by Jörg Thommes • "Business of Creativity" by Marco Pfann • "Visual Music" by Prof. Dr. Heike Sperling & Prof. Matthias Raue • "Schnitt-Design" by Jan Höhe • "Visual Sound" by Olaf Mierau • "Branding" by Prof. Rasmus Giesel • "Bild und Ton" by Olaf Mierau • "Typografischer Rhythmus" by Christian Schäfer • "Visualize Music" by Christian Schäfer

Guests 2020/21

Mate SteinforthMartin FüttererMoritz Schwind (Entagma)Susi SieTom Knieling (Meiré & Meiré)Vitaly GrossmannSimeon Herrmann (Porsche Digital)

Seminars 2020/21

"Selbstprofilierung" by Carsten Goertz • "Business of Creativity" by Marco Pfann • "History of Motion Typography" by Prof. Ralf Lobeck • "Ästhetik" by Prof. Dr. Christof Breidenich

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So, sit back, take a deep breath and exhale. Take a look at the works of this year’s motion design course. If you like what you see, take your towel, grap a fresh lemonade, put your sunglasses on and apply!

  • Visa applications: November 30th — February 15th 2022. Applications may only be made for the winter semester of an academic year, usually beginning in September.
  • To apply, please find more information at the website of the filmacademy or contact us via email.


Star Shape

Have a good journey!

Thanks for visiting the Motion Design Paradise! Because every good journey needs some good vibes and fresh beats, here are two handpicked playlists for you:

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